Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind: How to Rewire Your Brain and Your Business for Success

Friday, January 16, 2015

Book Review - The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind: How to Rewire Your Brain and Your Business for Success

The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind: How to Rewire Your Brain and Your Business for Success

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About the Book
The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind is a groundbreaking innovative new book that offers practical strategies for business transformation, based on the latest research from organizational psychology, neuroscience, business analytics and multiple intelligences theory.

Valeh Nazemoff, a leading strategic business technology advisor, reveals four different but interrelated types of intelligence essential to today¹s executive: financial, customer, data and mastermind intelligence. Knowledge of these transformational intelligences will benefit anyone across an organization, including top leaders and executive decision makers.

This concise and impactful book teaches readers to train their brains in this new way of thinking, apply these skills to their organizations, and influence their companies to adopt these transformation techniques.

By approaching analysis, strategy mapping, and decision-making with the calm, positive, and proactive framework detailed in this book, executives and decision-makers will feel confident in addressing the challenges posed by constantly evolving business environments. Thinking according to the four transformational intelligences will become second nature, resulting in exponential change.

As an executive or other decision-maker, you will learn how to:

  • Understand and harness the power of the four business transformational intelligences.
  • Encourage adaptation of these transformational intelligences by your employees and organization through modeling and team exercises.
  • Become confident in the accuracy and usefulness of the data you receive and evaluate each day
  • Learn to recognize patterns in your surrounding environment to trigger actions that will optimize business performance.

My Take on the Book
This book allows you to take a step back to better understand what you can or need to do to be more successful in your approaches to business. That being said the author has done a great job at illuminating what you have inside yourself that you can use to be a better business person. I found the idea of intelligences in business to be intriguing and the claims/ideas that are shared are even backed up by scientific inquiry too. The book also has some great real life examples that people can learn from that turn the four intelligences into tangible outcomes that can be achieved. The author provides some great resources throughout the book that can be easily implemented in one's own workplace which makes the book even stronger. All-in-all you can gain some important, and relevant strategies that will really take you and your business to the next level!

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