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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Book Review - Win Friends and Customers

Win Friends and Customers

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About the Book
Win Friends and Customers teaches readers the basics of how to listen with empathy and acknowledgements ­ it doesn¹t take an expert to derive valuable benefits from this method presented by author Lawrence J. Bookbinder. A businessman who listens with empathy and acknowledgements when talking with a customer could increase sales of his product. A wife who listens in this manner when talking with her husband could enhance the affection between them. This practice is applicable on both levels ­ the professional and the personal.

Readers might benefit in the following areas:
  • Emotional closeness with loved ones
  • Successful discussions with customers about their complaints
  • Pleasure from hearing a friend enthusiastically describe a rewarding experience
  • Sales of their products or services
  • Good relationships with people whose lifestyles are radically different from theirs
  • Constructive discussions with their business partner(s) about disagreements between them

My Take on the Book
While there are a number of books on the market that have been written about this topic, this is the first that focuses on the topic of what the author calls Empathetic Acknowledgement. This was an interesting concept and one that I have found myself following even though I did not know that this was what it was called. The author explains that Empathetic Acknowledgement is the act of providing confirmation that you understand how the speaker feels. The way that the author shares this as well as provides practical examples and resources makes you able to take the concepts and easily implement them into your own workplace and personal life. I really was impressed with the overall tenor of the book and it allowed me to see that through this type of acknowledgment I am able to better understand people, their intentions and more. This was a fascinating read that I would encourage all to read!

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