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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Book Post - Pieces and Players

Pieces and Players
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About the Book
Thirteen extremely valuable pieces of art have been stolen from one of the most secretive museums in the world. A Vermeer has vanished. A Manet is missing. And nobody has any idea where they and the other eleven artworks might be . . . or who might have stolen them.

Calder, Petra, and Tommy are no strangers to heists and puzzles. Now they've been matched with two new sleuths -- Zoomy, a very small boy with very thick glasses, and Early, a girl who treasures words . . . and has a word or two to say about the missing treasure.

The kids have been drawn in by the very mysterious Mrs. Sharpe, who may be playing her own kind of game with the clues. And it's not just Mrs. Sharpe who's acting suspiciously -- there's a ghost who mingles with the guards in the museum, a cat who acts like a spy, and bystanders in black jackets who keep popping up.

With pieces and players, you have all the ingredients for a fantastic mystery from the amazing Blue Balliett.

My Take on the Book
We loved reading this book as a family. My girls and I are BIG mystery fans and this book falls right into this genre. The author does a great job at keeping you in suspense as the pieces and players within the book are maneuvered around. You really are kept off-guard and you do not know where the book will be turning next. That being said, I am not going to give any spoilers, so you will have to read this yourself to see how it ends. I will say though that the book is engaging and a quick read. No sooner did we start reading, then we finished (or so it felt like). A great book!

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