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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Book Review - Do It Yourself Beauty Diary

Do It Yourself Beauty Diary

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About the Book
Most girls want to start using make-up and beauty products as soon as they can, despite protests from their parents. This combination handbook, journal, and scrapbook is designed just for younger girls who are interested in all things beauty! Do It Yourself Beauty Diary is packed with age-appropriate beauty tips, fun pampering projects, and timeless advice that stresses the importance of natural beauty through eating right, exercise, and getting enough sleep. But it's the beginner beauty secrets that make this book a must have. Inside, preteens will discover:

  • Everything about their skin, from type, tone, and undertones to the best way to cleanse and moisturize
  • How to apply blush, lipstick, and eye shadow, based on their face shape, eye color, and skin tone
  • Natural recipes for perfume, facial masks, hair products, and more
  • Pretty stickers, body art stencils, and press-out skin-tone swatch cards

There's also plenty of space for girls to record and plan their own beauty routines, jot down favorite new products, and paste or draw pictures of looks that inspire them. Full color illustrations throughout. (Ages 10+)

My Take on the Book
When I read through this book, my thoughts were that it would be perfect for the young girl who is learning about make-up, clothing, manicures, making good food choices, exercise importance, etc. The book is full of facts about those subjects and more.

Some pages are "how to' pages. For example: how to apply eye make-up or styling long hair.

Some pages included information about making good food choices and even a guide to yoga and its importance.

Several craft projects were included. One section showed the reader how to decorate headbands and other hair accessories. The author included stickers and stencils to use in the book.

It was not all reading. Most of the pages include space for the reader to mark answers to questions or write personal entries.

The book could be read and used independently or used with someone who would guide the young girl as she reads the information.

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