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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Book Review - No Urn for the Ashes

About the Book
There is no telling the chaos that would result from an announcement that someone discovered a formula that would enable us to replace fossil fuels.  Every nation would want to get their hands on it - there would be no end to the lengths they would go to in order to get control of the secret that would make them the most powerful nation on earth!

No Urn for the Ashes (Bayfire Press Publishing) is an outstanding novel by Alison Sawyer Current.  It is the perfect blend of adventure, thrills, compassion and grief, and the author’s choice of her dynamic characters reflects an incredible insight into human nature.
Tennyson Garland is the genius behind the discovery of this formula and he knew he must keep it a secret.  After this brilliant scientist and his young daughter tragically die in a fire at their isolated mountain cabin, his widow realizes there are evil forces at work that will stop at nothing to control the world with this discovery.   Eight years pass and Taylor is in the midst of a failing marriage, still suffering the loss of her first husband and child, and finds herself having to deal with the past once again.  She gets caught up in the treachery of Kevin Levine, the former colleague of her first husband who was always left behind in the wake of Tennyson’s brilliance.  The drama that follows leads her to believe that her daughter may actually be alive!

In this suspense-filled, page-turning story readers get transported to Nicaragua and on to Mexico when a new struggle arises – with the prize being the greatest discovery of modern times.  We follow Taylor in her search for her long-lost child as she deals not only with the past, but with the return of her absent father who is tortured by his own demons, and the mysterious stranger who was hired by him but who may represent an even greater threat than even Levine’s insatiable ambition for control!  Readers share Taylor’s warm relationship with Ruby, her dearest friend and most intimate confidant, and the uneasy and emotion-packed truce with Patricia, the mother by adoption of a girl named Emma – who may well turn out to be Taylor’s long-lost child, Rebecca.

No Urn for the Ashes is action-packed to the very end.  For more information on either the book or its creative author, please visit

My Take on the Book
This book keeps you on the edge of your seat! As a mystery lover, this book draws you into Isla Mujeres in Mexico. The author has done a remarkable job at developing the characters within this book as well as weaving a beautiful geographic tapestry for the reader to explore.

I found the book to be a page turner and one that made me forget about the world around me and instead be drawn into the struggles that the characters within the book face both in Nicaragua and then Mexico. 

The characters within this book are faced with so many personal challenges that they have had to deal with both in the past and present, that as a reader you do feel for them and you start to want them to succeed. As all the plots unfold readers encourter and bear witness to Taylor's emotional journey as she attempts to make sense of her past and how to deal with the dilemmas of the present.

In this book, he author treats readers to both a mysterious plot as well as wonderful characters in which to identify.

Overall, this book is a strong one and one that I would recommend to any Mystery lover!
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