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Monday, December 27, 2010

Book Review - 2012 The Awakening

About the Book
2012 The Awakening (Illumination Corporation publishing) weaves spiritual, economic, environmental, and political truths into a narrative yarn that bends reality and fiction to forge a larger truth.

Can a novel affect the future?  FBI whistleblower, and TIME Magazine Woman of the Year, Coleen Rowley, believes this one can. She wrote of the recent “Best Novel of the Year Award” winner (chosen by Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine), 2012 The Awakening: “Constructive visionary Bill Douglas understands that there could be an antidote [to society’s challenges]. Dreaming of it may just be the first step to a real “Awakening”!”

Could the human mind be creating today what the world will become tomorrow? This assertion is made in this unique book, and it has excited spiritual leader/author, Deepak Chopra, who wrote of 2012 The Awakening: “What a gift it is to see fictional entertainment tackling the large issues of humanity!”

2012 The Awakening, by a Kansas author, paints a vision of global possibility, whereby vastly complex issues facing humanity may have very simple and elegant solutions that are rooted in ancient spiritual prescription, shared by all religions that have been with us for millennia, but not utilized for maximum effect.
The book asserts that at this time in human history, when the planet is saturated and the resources are tapped, is when ancient spiritual truths passed down through the ages may now find a central role in future decisions that will mean the difference between an endlessly squabbling world of diminishing resources, and a collaborative world we can all love living in.

The author, in his spellbinding narrative, explains that what our world will become – is now forming in the fabric of the human psyche, and there is reason for great hope for the future.

2012 The Awakening is currently available at, Amazon Kindle,, and from the publisher at:

My Take on the Book
This fast paced, thought provoking novel is one that all should read. The book was both engaging and entertaining and in its own way inspirational as well. As a reader you are drawn into the story so that you relate to the characters and so that you truly feel for the characters within the story itself. 

The story and plot within the book were exciting and was an exciting one that will definitely hold your interest, and more importantly, it will make you think. The plot holds suspense and and is upllifting. Overall, it is a book that will relate to most readers and I would highly recommend it

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Anonymous said...

This review is right on. It is the first revealing book I have read in years that left me with true inspiration and positive about our future.

K. Kriner
K.C. Mo.