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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Review - Aaron's Journey - From Slave to Master

About the BookHe was a slave, then a bounty hunter who captured hundreds of Nazis and their weapons and turned them over to the Russian Army. He ran the labor camp holding his former tormentors. He was a linguist, thief, horse trainer, assassin, smuggler, political agitator, overlord of a captured town. And he was an escaped fugitive with a huge price on his head. These are a few of the "job descriptions" Aaron Herskowitz held during World War II.

  Aaron Herskowitz in Czech Army, age 22 in 1936

In a dramatic moment, this slight man, just 5'2", may have single-handedly changed the outcome of a major battle; he engineered the retreat of the Germans and their Hungarian allies before the Russian onslaught, directly countermanding Hitler's orders. A few weeks later, the Nazis surrendered at Stalingrad.

Superhuman? No. Just the right combination of skills, pluck, and a whole lot of luck, who managed to evade almost-certain death not just once, but time after time—who even managed to reunite with his beloved after years of absence—Aaron, a slave on the battlefield, Helen, imprisoned in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen—hundreds of miles away from their birthplace.


Helen, the most beautiful woman in Czechoslovakia in 1945 and wedding photo of Aaron and Helen in Carlsbad in 1946.

This is the remarkable story of a true hero of the Holocaust: an imperfect man with plenty of flaws, huge courage, astonishing luck, and a survival instinct strong enough to defy all odds—but ultimately overcame his moral challenges by staying true to his humanity.

by Howard Herskowitz

List $19.95
ISBN 9780981982120
358-page trade paperback with 24 photos and 18 maps

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Aaron's Journey From Slave to Master (Crown Publications, 2010) is told by the only person who could have told it: Aaron's son, attorney Howard Herskowitz. Howard spent years interviewing his father, researching and verifying the information, and organizing Aaron's dramatic story into a gripping true adventure.

About the Author

Howard Herskowitz has been a practicing trial lawyer for over 25 years in Broward County, Florida.  He has presented numerous cases before the courts, and he has had extensive experience speaking before large and small audiences. The speaking engagements have ranged from the legal system to lectures and speeches about history, concentrating on the Civil War and World War II in libraries and schools and other special events. He has had a passionate interest in the above two Wars his entire life.

My Take on the Book
This book is a powerful story and one that was hard to imagine. This book was one that gripped me throughout the reading of the book. You can feel Aaron's struggle through the story as he figures out what Hitler has planned and he attempts, unsuccessfully to get people to fight back. The story is an amazing one and you feel for Aaron and the people around him. It was amazing to me how cruel some people in the story were and I was amazed at how much cruelty one person could endure. Just when you think you understand the story, it changes. You find out that Aaron and another Jew become bounty hunters for the Russians and Aaron even reflects that though they were successful, that they began to lose their own humanity.

This story was so compelling, and you are simply drawn in to then draw judgement on Aaron.

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