Dad of Divas' Reviews: Some Last Minute Mothers Day Options!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some Last Minute Mothers Day Options!

Tell mom she can kick up her feet – TiVo’s got her covered! The new TiVo Premiere lets her have all her entertainment needs all-in-one box!

TiVo Premiere is not just a DVR, it replaces her cable box and delivers a ton of great features, including:
  • Movies, movies, movies - whether it's a digital premium channel from cable, a funny outtake from YouTube or a movie easily downloaded from Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, or Blockbuster On Demand, TiVo Premiere lets mom bring movies to her living room into one simple experience.
  • The Best in HD – With a broadband connection, mom can access HD movie and TV shows – no extra Blu-Ray player needed.
  • Digital picture frame – TiVo lets her instantly share her photos and home videos. Mom can visit One True Media, Photobucket or Picasa to create her digital photo or video montage and showcase her creation on the biggest screen in the house.
  • Internet Radio – Mom will be able to listen to her personalized radio stations on the best speakers in the house through Rhapsody or Live365. And in the coming months, mom can listen to Pandora too!
  • Peace of Mind – With more than 45 hours of HD programming or up to 400 hours of standard-definition space, mom never has to worry about missing her favorite show.
And the best part, TiVo Premiere lets mom save on the clutter – TiVo has everything she needs in one device!
Green fashion and eco-consciousness are growing trends that are here to stay, and we thought your readers would enjoy recommendations for greening their Mother’s Day this year. Like all Brilliant Earth products, our Mother’s Day gifts are made of ethically-sourced conflict-free diamonds, fair-trade gemstones and 100% recycled metals, and 5% of profits are donated to African communities that have been affected by the jewelry trade.

Here are some of our favorite ways to impress Mom without spoiling the planet:

Create a personalized charm necklace: Our recycled sterling silver charm pendants are the perfect keepsake gift for every mother. Select her child’s initial and pair it with a darling heart, bee or lotus charm for a personal, one-of-a-kind gift.

Pick her favorite colored gemstone:
  • Does she have a thing for purple? Check out our Grape Garnet earrings and pendant.
  • Does she look amazing in orange? A pair of Fire Citrine earrings or a pendant will be perfect!
  • If she is a true blue gal, our ethical origin Blue Sapphire stud earrings will be an incredible gift.

Gift her pearls of wisdom: Our eco-friendly Tahitian pearl earrings and pendants are elegant, modern, and perfect for everyday wear. 


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