Dad of Divas' Reviews: Mother's Day Made Easy: Seven Great Gifts the Mother in Your Life Will Love

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Made Easy: Seven Great Gifts the Mother in Your Life Will Love

Flowers and cards are nice, but if you really want to "wow" this Mother's Day, it's time to raise the bar. Image consultant Marla Tomazin takes the mystery out of your Mother's Day shopping with seven great gift ideas any mom is sure to love.

Each year, amidst the weather warming and the May flowers blooming, we take time to reflect on the women who have helped to shape our lives since the days we were born. With every diaper change, wiped-away tear, and goodnight kiss, our mothers dedicated their time and attention to taking care of us—so when Mother's Day rolls around this year, will you know what to give the moms in your life to say "thank you"? Worry no more—image consultant Marla Tomazin is here to help.

"If you think your wife or mother wants a new vacuum, blender, or washing machine for Mother's Day, think again," says Tomazin, who has been an image consultant for 20 years after earlier experience in the fashion industry. "To truly show your appreciation this Mother's Day, think about a gift that would really put a smile on her face. It is important to do a little research, pay attention, and watch for clues throughout the year. Every woman is an individual, and special attention should be paid when buying the right gift for Mom."
If you're looking to give a great gift this Mother's Day and you're still not sure where to start, Tomazin says the following seven gifts will be sure to make any mom feel the love this May:

Spoil her with a spa day. All moms deserve to be pampered, and a day at the spa is the perfect way for the deserving mother in your life to relax and rejuvenate. Tomazin says that a day at the spa can be tailored to include what she might enjoy the most. This can include a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, haircut, and blowout. Moms spend their time taking good care of their families, so it's high time they get the chance to be taken care of too!
Good things really do come in small packages. No matter what the occasion, you can't go wrong with the gift of jewelry—and Mother's Day is no exception. Tomazin says that when chosen properly, jewelry is a lasting gift that will make the women on your list happy all year long. Unsure about a particular mom's jewelry style? Tomazin suggests going shopping with the mom in question and letting her try on a variety of pieces at different price points. Then take note of all the jewelry she loved and buy those pieces as gifts throughout the year.
Trade breakfast in bed for a bed and breakfast. Mother's Day is about showing the mother in your life that you love her, and there's no better way for husbands in particular to show the love than a weekend getaway. Plan a weekend for the two of you at a bed and breakfast, seaside resort, or destination that you know your wife will love. Tomazin says that this will give you a chance to renew the romance in your relationship and give your wife a chance to rest, relax, and enjoy herself. It's an unexpected gift for Mother's Day, and one she'll be certain to never forget.
Aim for activity. For moms who love a good workout, going to the gym can be a great way to get out of the house and have some time to themselves. And an hour of yoga and some time in the sauna can be just the rejuvenation a mom needs! If the lady on your list would love a session with a personal trainer, a gym membership, or some new yoga gear, Tomazin says that a gift certificate for any of those may be the perfect solution. This can give moms a chance to try the classes or training that they have been thinking about but have not had time to do.
Let her shop till she drops. It's no secret that most women love to shop, but for most moms a shopping spree means a trip to the grocery store or a day spent trying on new soccer cleats—not those cute peep toe pumps she's been eyeing for months. This Mother's Day Tomazin suggests giving the mom on your list the chance to do a little shopping for herself. If you know your wife or mother loves a special boutique or department store, consider getting her a gift certificate. And if you know that she has wanted a certain item at one of those stores, go ahead and purchase it for her.
Paint the town red. Sometimes, the best gifts don't come in a box or envelope. If you are looking for a special way to celebrate your wife this Mother's Day, Tomazin suggests planning for a special evening out. Depending on her personal taste, it could be a fancy dinner, going out for dancing, or even a casual dinner and movie, like old times. Arrange for a babysitter and make it a nice surprise for your wife. She will appreciate the opportunity to step out of her mom role for one night, and it will be a great way for the two of you to celebrate together.
Give her the gift of an image consultant. So often mothers put themselves on the back burner and spend their time taking care of others. A personal stylist or image consultant can help the mom in your life take the time to do the things for herself that she may not otherwise do. Tomazin says that image consultants and personal stylists can help a woman streamline her closet so that she can save time getting dressed, or they can help her determine the best colors and styles for her so that shopping will become much easier and less time-consuming. This will make her life less stressful and allow her to be more present with her family and friends—and she'll be thrilled by the way she looks and feels, too!
"The most important part of any gift is the sentiment behind it," Tomazin concludes. "The best Mother's Day gift is one that says you've paid attention, that you appreciate all your mother or wife does, and that you want to give back to her just a portion of the love and attention she has given to you and your family. Think about who she is and what she loves to do. If your gift takes those things into consideration, you'll be sure to give her something she'll love."

About Marla Tomazin:
Marla Tomazin, Certified Image Consultant, established her image consulting business in 1990 with the goal of helping clients identify an authentic image and develop its effective expression.
From a successful career in the fashion industry, Marla gained expertise in retail buying, merchandising, sales, and marketing. She began with May Company in Denver after earning a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Denver. Marla moved to New York where she worked with several well-known Seventh Avenue design firms. As she developed her business skills, Marla made a serendipitous discovery—an innate sense of style and facility for working with fabrics and colors to maximum advantage.
The progression to Certified Image Consultant was a natural transition. Marla utilizes her abilities in evaluating body shape, movement, and coloring as well as synthesizing optimal cuts, lines, colors, and textures. This results in balance and proportion that accentuate attributes and conceal flaws. Her clients include women, men, and corporations seeking external revitalization that mirrors their internal development.
She has lectured at The Learning Annex on "How to Become an Image Consultant" and at The American Women's Economic Development Corporation on "What Does Your Image Say About You?"

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