Dad of Divas' Reviews: Meaningful Father's Day gifts that honor fathers and save lives

Friday, May 28, 2010

Meaningful Father's Day gifts that honor fathers and save lives

It’s often difficult to find meaningful Father’s Day gifts, and there are only so many bottles of cologne a man can use. This Father’s Day, the IRC is offering inspiring gifts that capture the true meaning of fatherhood – nurturing children as they grow into adults.

Through our gift site,, shoppers can purchase critical supplies for refugees and dedicate them to the special fathers in their lives. For $28, gift givers can purchase blankets to keep an uprooted family of five warm, in honor of the dad who always tucked them in at night. For $87, they can purchase a bicycle for a refugee to commute to work, and dedicate it to the father who taught them how to ride their own bikes.

Other gift options include:
  • Mosquito nets for a refugee family in Africa - $18
  • Rope and tarp that can shelter a refugee father and his family during an emergency - $54
  • Summer school for a newly arrived refugee child in the U.S. - $100
  • Carpentry tools that can help rebuild destroyed homes, providing privacy and safety for women and families - $182
  • Job training that provides the tools for a refugee to become self-sufficient - $330
The IRC will send a beautiful personalized card to the gift recipient, to let him know about the gift made in his honor. Please feel free to visit the site to view all of our gift options.

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