Dad of Divas' Reviews: Parents beware: Justin Bieber/iPad Twitter scam targeting teens

Friday, May 14, 2010

Parents beware: Justin Bieber/iPad Twitter scam targeting teens

Does the idea of Justin Bieber giving away 5,000 iPads on Twitter sound too good to be true?  It is. Teens and tweens, on the other hand, might fall for it.

According to CyberDefender, a Los Angeles-based security company, an announcement was made on Twitter on April 28 claiming that the first 5000 Justin Bieber fans who accessed would receive a free iPad

spin out mobile ipad 0.1 2010-04-28.jpg.png

The scam then redirects the victims to

Users are told to enter their mobile number in order to be eligible; however, there is $9.99 monthly rate that applies upon completion of this form (stated in the subtext).  A teen/tween is unlikely to read the subtext, falling prey to the scam.

Spin out Mobil Ipad 0.2-2010-04-28-15-53-38.jpg.png

Tips from CyberDefender:
·        Do not enter any personal information into an unknown site
·        Always read subtext when applying for contests or online deals
·        Make sure to monitor what children are doing online
·        Ensure children understand that they need parental approval before accepting any kind of offer online
A CyberDefender spokesperson is available for a quick phone or email briefing on the dangers of online scams and ways to protect your family. 

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