Dad of Divas' Reviews: Feng Shui Your Car for Summer Travel

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Feng Shui Your Car for Summer Travel

Feng Shui Your Car for Summer Travel -Tips from
Practitioner Dr. Andie Pearson, DMD

Most of us spend lots of time in our cars.  Traffic, aggressive drivers,
crying children, phone calls from the boss, they are all bound to impact our
emotional state. The more clean and orderly your mode of transportation, the
easier it will be to get where you want to go. With summer driving season
right around the corner, Practitioner Dr. Pearson DMD
gives the following tips for using Feng Shui for your car:

  • Clear it Out - Before you leave, completely clean out the vehicle. Dispose of all trash, magazines, receipts, etc.  Vacuum the carpets and clean the windows to allow a clear view of your life's path.
  • Wash your Car - A dirty car will hinder the positive flow of chi and that could affect you as well as your driving abilities.
  • Go with the Flow - If you're prone to road rage, hang a round, faceted crystal from a blue ribbon. on your rearview mirror. This will add water energy to your car, making it easier to cope with frustrations like traffic, poorly marked roads and reckless drivers.  Don't have a crystal?  A bottle of water will do.
  • Planning is Everything - Once the car has been cleared and cleaned, plan your trip from start to finish so that you have all that you will need on the road and during your trip. This will include maps, addresses needed for a navigation device, along with all of the phone numbers.
  • You are What You Eat - Plan food and snacks and have them organized in the car where they are easily reached. If possible, assign a person to be in charge of snack retrieval on the road.
  • Easy Listening - Sing or play music when you enter the car to get rid of any negative energy. This will allow you to drive the rest of the day in a clean, refreshed space.
  • Exciting Entertainment - If there are little people or teens, have forms of entertainment good for travel available to make the trip smoother and less stressful.
  • Charge it Up - Don't forget charging devices for the gadgets of today (games, phones, etc.)

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