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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Book Review - Gigantosaurus: Roar, Giganto, Roar!: A Puppet Book

Gigantosaurus: Roar, Giganto, Roar!: A Puppet Book

About the Book
Will Giganto win the roaring contest? Make a fearsome Gigantosaurus puppet come to life with this novelty board book.

Dinosaurs are experts at roaring, and Rocky, Tiny, Mazu, and Bill are eager to have a contest to see who can roar the best. But they need another participant to round out the contest, and fierce Giganto is asleep! Can the dinos wake him up and make him roar? Little readers are invited to get into the act with the help of an attached Giganto puppet that pokes through the scenes helping him snore, chew, chomp a favorite snack, and even dance when Tiny sings. But what they’re really after is much louder than that!

My Take on the Book
This was a fun book that really allows you and your child to get into the book in a whole new way. The book allows you to make the book come alive with the puppet that you have and the story is fun too. The illustrations in the book really pop off the page and with the puppet you and your young reader will have a blast throughout the book and you will want to keep reading from beginning to end.

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