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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Book Review - Conversations Worth Having Second Edition

Conversations Worth Having Second Edition

About the Book
Now in a second edition, this classic book shows how to make conversations generative and productive rather than critical and destructive so people, organizations, and communities flourish.

We know that conversations influence us, but we rarely stop to think about how much impact they have on our well-being and ability to thrive. This book is the first to show how Appreciative Inquiry—a widely used change method that focuses on identifying what's working and building on it rather than just trying to fix what's broken—can help us communicate more effectively and flourish in all areas of our lives.

By focusing on what we want to happen instead of what we want to avoid and asking questions to deepen understanding and increase possibilities, we expand creativity, improve productivity, and unleash potential at work and home. Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres use real-life examples to illustrate how these two practices and the principles that underlie them foster connection, innovation, and success.

This edition has been revised throughout with new examples; updates on the latest supporting research in neuroscience, positive science, and positive psychology; and a discussion guide. It also features a new chapter on what the authors call tuning in: cultivating awareness of how our physical and mental state affect our perceptions, emotions, and thoughts as we engage in conversation.

This book teaches you how to use the practices and principles of Appreciative Inquiry to strengthen relationships, build effective teams, and generate possibilities for a future that works for everyone.

My Take on the Book
This was a great new edition! The book brings back many of the important topics from the first version but also goes deeper into appreciative inquiry. While I had never read much on appreciative inquiry before read the first book, I learned so much while reading that, I wanted to read more in this second edition! 

The concepts shared here will definitely be ones that I will be incorporating into my daily work life as I can see the tangible ways in which this can impact my relationships at work, but even more so, impact the overall culture of the organization. The book has a ton of practical components that allow you to better understand the concepts and put them to work right away. When I read books like this, for me, having practical tips and resources as well as examples helps me to internalize the concepts. I love being able to see right away how I can use the information, and this book definitely allowed me to do just that! You will learn a ton in this book that will really change the way that you will want to live your life!
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