Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Lighten Up Book: Affirmations and Insights to Inspire Health and Happiness

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Book Review - The Lighten Up Book: Affirmations and Insights to Inspire Health and Happiness

About the Book
Inspirational Words to Meditate On

If you liked Healing After Loss by Martha W. Hickman and Together is Better by Simon Sinek, you’ll love The Lighten Up Book

An Upbeat Guide to Positivity in the Midst of Chaos:  Allen Klein is the world's only "Jollytologist". As a keynote speaker and bestselling author, he has mastered the art of choosing the right quote at the right time. In The Lighten Up Book, he has gathered his favorite wise words to help readers power their lives with the positive. We have all weathered a lot of storms in recent times, literally with hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and what seems like unrelenting strife in our daily discourse. We all need reminders of what we truly value in our life – family, friendship, community, leadership, service, helping others.

An Inspirational Book for the Ages: As inspirational as it is instructive, The Lighten Up Book is a treasury of moving and meaningful sayings that spurs readers to live life to the fullest. Readers can take this encouraging book on the go to get a quick shot of inspiration at any time, or they can select one quote every day for in-depth thought and meditation. However readers choose to use these uplifting and inspiring quotes, they all have the potential to be life-changing.

The Lighten Up Book offers endless encouragement. The quotes in this book will help you to:
  • Feel inspired
  • Recover from loss
  • Get back up after a hard day knocks you down
  • And much more!

My Take on the Book
During times that bring you down, having a book full of great inspiration is definitely what you need to brighten your day. This book is full of such amazing positive things that will allow you to see, live and experience the happiness that is all around us. The quotes will bring a smile to your face and the book will even make you laugh! This book is one that definitely will turn any day that was blue, sunny. As you can tell, this is a book that really will change your own perspectives on life and the world around you. I highly encourage all to read it today!

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