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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Book Review - Coach the Person, Not the Problem: A Guide to Using Reflective Inquiry

About the Book

From a founding member of the coaching movement comes a detailed guide to mastering one of a coach's toughest skills: thoughtfully reflecting clients' words and expressions back to them so they see themselves and their world through new eyes.

"Coaches rely far too much on asking open-ended questions," says Marcia Reynolds. But questions only seek answers--inquiry provides insight. When, instead of just questions, clients hear their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs spoken by someone else, it prompts them to critically consider how their thinking affects their goals. Reynolds cites the latest brain science to show why reflective inquiry works and provides techniques, tips, and structures for creating breakthrough conversations.

This book will free coaches from the cult of asking the magical question by offering five essential practices of reflective inquiry: focus on the person, not the problem; summarize what is heard and expressed; identify underlying beliefs and assumptions; unwrap the desired outcome; and articulate insights and commitments. Using these practices, combined with a respectful and caring presence, helps create a space where clients feel safe, seen, and valued for who they are. Coaches become change agents who actively recharge the human spirit. And clients naturally dive deeper and develop personalized solutions that may surprise even the coach.

My Take on the Book

This book really allows you to see that coaching is so much more than a teacher, instead they help us identify gaps and more and the author in this book does in this amazing book.

What I love about this book is that the author really uses learning theory, science and years of coaching experiences to help each and every one of us to be stronger in the roles that we have.

The book is full of so many amazing insights that will make you think deeply about what you have done and what you will want to do in the future.

This book will help you to reframe the personal narrative that you may have in your minds and help you move on a new path toward being a better leader and coach.

This is an amazing resource for anyone that wants to be a better coach to others in their lives!

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