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Monday, April 9, 2018

Book Review - Unicorn Magic

Unicorn Magic

About the Book
In the Forever Forest, all the unicorns have magic in their horns. Some can spin animal-shaped clouds or paint a brilliant sunrise. Others can even grow a meadow of magical, colorful flowers.

Periwinkle, the light-blue unicorn, worries that she will never discover her special power. Her forest friends help her realize that magic comes from within, and together, they find the gift that has been with Periwinkle all along.

Whimsical scenes of beautiful handmade felt characters are woven together with lyrical text to create an inspirational story of friendship and inner strength. Gibson's unique textile art will enchant young readers and dreamers alike. Perfect for any child who believes in magic and unicorns.

My Take on the Book
One thing you will notice right away is the author who is the artist does not use illustrations that are drawn or painted. Sabina Gibson is an artist who uses textiles to create the characters in her story. The unicorns and birds are just beautiful and so detailed.

The story is a wonderful one for children. Maybe your child wonders how they are special or important as they grow and see the talents of other people. In this story Periwinkle, the unicorn, is sad because she has not been able to recognize her special talent. To her all the other unicorns have talents. What Periwinkle does not realize is that as she is visiting friend after friend, she is encouraging them and thus they use the talent that is theirs. 

The ending is very special as Periwinkle finds her talent.
I feel this is a wonderful story to discuss with your child his/her talent or what makes them special in your family.

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