Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Rizzlerunk Club: Best Buds Under Frogs

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Book Review - The Rizzlerunk Club: Best Buds Under Frogs

The Rizzlerunk Club: Best Buds Under Frogs

About the Book
In her first novel, illustrated in her inimitable style, Leslie Patricelli hits all the humorous ups and downs of being the new kid at school, navigating complicated friendships, and standing up to frenemies.

For Lily, it’s the worst first day of school ever. Who would want to be friends with the new girl, whose debut act is to throw up on the playground (on somebody’s shoes!)? Fortunately, quirky Darby comes to the rescue. Darby likes frogs and candy and oddball stuff, and soon she and Lily have formed their own club — the Rizzlerunk Club. But before you can say “BFF,” Darby’s former best friend, mean-spirited Jill — who had moved to London — returns unexpectedly. Can Lily and Darby’s friendship survive the British invasion? Peppered with charming illustrations and hilarious mishaps involving “conjoined” frogs, accidentally shaved eyebrows, and school pranks gone awry, this engaging tale of fourth-grade life will have readers wishing they could join the Rizzlerunk Club for real.

My Take on the Book
My youngest daughter has been interested in frogs lately and because of this she was interested in reading this to see what the book was like. She really liked the book as it talked a lot about friendship and brought together some great characters too. The book has some great adventures and even some misadventures too. The book also has great images spread throughout the book that I know that we loved as they did a great job at tying these into the story itself. The book was a fun and quick read and we really enjoyed it thoroughly.

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