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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Book Review - From You to Me

From You to Me

About the Book
Amelia Peabody lives in a small town where nothing changes. And that's just fine by her. After losing her big sister, Clara, a few years ago, Amelia can't handle any more change. But when she starts eighth grade, she accidentally receives a letter that Clara had written to herself. In it, there's a list of things she'd wanted to do before the end of middle school and never finished, like get on the softball team and throw an awesome birthday party on the lake.

Amelia wonders if it's a sign from Clara. Maybe if she completed the list, her heart would stop hurting so much, and she could go back to being her old self. But as she makes her way through, Amelia finds that there's no going back, only forward. And she realizes she'll have to put her own spin on Clara's list to grow and change in the ways she needs to.

K. A. Holt's beautiful new novel is about grieving and growing up, and the ripples loss creates for a girl, a family, and a community.

My Take on the Book
Loss of a loved one is a part of life. But for the eighth grader Amelia the loss of her sister is still difficult three years after she died. A letter that Clara wrote is found by Amelia and Amelia begins to try to fulfill her sister's wishes in the letter.

The reader will be taken through Amelia's grief and how she tries to handle it. Her good friend Taylor is tough and tries to keep her upbeat and solve her issues but Amelia is resistant. 

Then there are friends: Twitch or Billy who was Clara's good friend, Mrs. Grant who tells Amelia about her own sister's death at a young age, and some of Clara's friends friends who help her see the importance of her sister's life.

As the story progresses Amelia , with her friends, find a way to help not only her but others who have lost loved ones. She also comes to terms with her fear of the lake where her sister died. 

The reader will experience all of the changes Amelia encounters as she deals with her sister's death.
It is not a morbid story but one of healing and moving forward with keeping the loved one in her heart.
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