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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Book Review - Thomas Paine and the Dangerous Word

Thomas Paine and the Dangerous Word

About the Book
"The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark."

As an English corset-maker's son, Thomas Paine was expected to spend his life sewing women's underwear. But as a teenager, Thomas dared to change his destiny, enduring years of struggle until a meeting with Benjamin Franklin brought Thomas to America in 1774-and into the American Revolution.

Within fourteen months, Thomas would unleash the persuasive power of the written word in Common Sense-a brash wake-up call that rallied the American people to declare independence against the mightiest empire in the world.

This fascinating and extensively researched biography, based on numerous primary sources, will immerse readers in Thomas Paine's inspiring journey of courage, failure, and resilience that led a penniless immigrant to change the world with his words.

My Take on the Book
I must admit although I know who Thomas Paine was, I did not realize his influence in our American Revolution and Independence from the King and England. This book was well written by Sarah Jane Marsh. It is a story that children will gain valuable knowledge and adults.

Thomas Paine was born to a family that was not wealthy. His parents made sure he attended school and he flourished. On his journey of life in England, he met Benjamin Franklin, came to America and then his life really changed.

The disagreements between the colonies and the King were occurring . Thomas took in not only what was happening with the colonists but the injustices of what was happening unfairly to the slaves. He began to debate and then because he was an excellent writer began to write what others were afraid of sharing.
Yes, American wanted its independence. COMMON SENSE became the voice of many and the "dangerous word' was INDEPENDENCE.
The story continues to tell of Thomas Paines writings and influence but also the challenges he faced later in life which included imprisonment and poverty. Thomas continued to write his entire life.
The book highlights both the positive and uplifting parts of his life and those which were challenges and heartache too.
Excellent illustrations by Edwin Fotheringham identified with the text.
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