Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Essentials of Theory U: Core Principles and Applications

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Book Review - The Essentials of Theory U: Core Principles and Applications

The Essentials of Theory U: Core Principles and Applications

About the Book
A useful pocket guide for practitioners that distills all of the research and materials found in Otto Scharmer's seminal texts Theory U and Leading from the Emerging Future.

Creating a Better Future

This book offers a concise, accessible guide to the key concepts and applications in Otto Scharmer's classic Theory U. Scharmer argues that our capacity to pay attention coshapes the world. What prevents us from attending to situations more effectively is that we aren't fully aware of that interior condition from which our attention and actions originate. Scharmer calls this lack of awareness our blind spot. He illuminates the blind spot in leadership today and offers hands-on methods to help change makers overcome it through the process, principles, and practices of Theory U. And he outlines a framework for updating the "operating systems" of our educational institutions, our economies, and our democracies. This book enables leaders and organizations in all industries and sectors to shift awareness, connect with the highest future possibilities, and strengthen the capacity to co-shape the future.

My Take on the Book

This is a great book that makes you think about what you are seeing and doing in a whole new way. With new concepts of mindfulness stepping into the work world this book takes a step into allowing anyone in management an opportunity to move toward the systematic change that they want for their country and for the world. As you read this book you will find that it is a practical book with easy to implement steps that can help you make change happen!

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