Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - I'm Not Your Sweet Babboo!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Book Review - I'm Not Your Sweet Babboo!

I'm Not Your Sweet Babboo!

About the Book

Pick up a glass of milk, curl up with your security blanket, and enjoy the timeless brilliance of Peanuts in this new collection of comic strips!

Everyone’s favorite classic characters are back: Peppermint Patty enrolls in a private school to end her academic troubles—only to discover she’s just graduated from obedience school. Linus finds himself entangled in a love triangle (and stuck on top of a snow-covered roof). And Charlie Brown runs away from the law and becomes a vagrant baseball coach.

The Peanuts crew is lovable, popular, and charming, but please whatever you do, don’t call Linus “My Sweet Babboo!”

My Take on the Book
This book is delightful to read. You will laugh and admire Charles Schulz for his use of the Peanut characters in everyday feelings and events. He includes events at school, the home, in sports, and then of course there is always fun with Snoopy and Woodstock.

The book is set up like the comic strip and very colorful. The comic strips are short: half a page, whole page, and some take up two pages. The book is easy to read and a lot of fun.

One of my favorite strips in this book was the interaction Snoopy has with the neighbor's cat. It appears that the cat is the winner in most encounters, but Snoopy never gives up.

At the end of the book is some factual information about helicopters. A page is included to make your own helicopter to play with outdoors.

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