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Friday, January 27, 2017

Game Review - Big Catch

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About the Game
  • FUN GAME PLAY: Save the fishermen lost at sea using your division skills. Help them reach home, catch fish, be friends with islanders and have fun in the surprise filled chase game
  • MATH SKILLS: Kids will get repeat practice of advanced division skills including division of 2 digit numbers with remainders
  • LIFE SKILLS: They also build 4 life skills like Strategic planning, Flexibility, Forward Thinking and Patience
  • FAMILY TIME: Super fun for kids and parents alike. A great way to bond over maths and have fun doing it
  • AGE 10+: Perfect gift for boys and girls 10 years and up or grade 5 and higher as they get introduced to division

My Take on the Game
My youngest daughter who is nine loves math and likes to challenge herself. That being said, being in third grade they have not done a lot of division yet, so this game helped to introduce to her the concept much more than she has had in the past. That being said, for someone that has not had some division already, this game makes division make a lot more sense. For my daughter it was the concept of having to distribute fish equally that helped her to understand a bit more. The great thing about this game is that it feels like a game and not learning. So I won't tell my daughter if you don't! That being said, you will find that this game really works and I know I have seen great leaps in the comprehension and understanding that my own daughter has with division since using this great game and so will you!

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