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Friday, January 27, 2017

Book Review - Reformed

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About the Book
Ian Hart has mastered the art of lying low. He might sometimes space out at the exact moment Mr. Dunford calls on him (it was field day!). And sure, he's a little clueless around the girls in his class. But Ian's nobody's fool. So how'd a kid like him get framed for pranking the new boy?

Too bad he won't have the chance to find out. Tonight, Ian and his friends Ash and Alva will be sleeping with one eye open . . . at bully reform school, where the hijinks are rougher, the mean girls are meaner, and even the teachers refuse to play by the rules.

It'll take all the schemes and wits Ian, Ash, and Alva can muster if they want to make it out of this nightmare and into middle school. But they're ready for action. Even if it means forging a secret alliance with a world-class hacker. Even if it means . . . wearing a tutu.

Watch your back. Hide your underwear. In a place like this, only the fearless survive.

My Take on the Book
If you ever though that things were bad in school for you, get ready to see things amped up to the max. In this book you will see how bad things can get in the reform school that the main characters are sent to. The book was a ton of fun to read as we found that each chapter offered more and more surprises and you continue to wonder whether the main characters will make it out of this school and back to their own school. By the end you can see how this school can truly reform all!

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