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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Book Review - Stegosaurus

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About the Book
Our Mini Dinosaurs series features adorable books die-cut in the shape of the dinosaur depicted in that story. Each board book is jam-packed with interesting facts, and every page is complemented by full-color illustrations that are handsomely rendered in a naturalistic style that will captivate kids (Mom and Dad, too). In Stegasaurus, children meet a dinosaur that may have been slow, but its spiked tail helped it fend off predators. Perfectly sized for little hands, this book is a fun, exciting, and interesting way to introduce children to this perennially popular subject.

My Take on the Book
This book is colorful, sturdy and contains lots of facts about the dinosaur knows as Stegosaurus. The nonfiction story is perfect for a young child . The illustrations will entice them to discover all the little details and the sentence structure is concise.

I actually learned a new fact reading this book: did you know that the plates on the back of a Stegosaurus will change color if they are threatened by another animal? Your child will also learn why the tail is important, what they eat, and other ways they defend themselves.

I feel this book is a great introduction to dinosaurs.

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