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Monday, September 7, 2015

Book Review - Class Dismissed

Class Dismissed

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About the Book
A teacher free classroom. What could possibly go wrong?

Class 507 is the worst class Ms. Bryce has ever taught. And she would know — she’s been teaching forever. They are so terrible that when a science experiment goes disastrously wrong (again), Ms. Bryce has had it and quits in the middle of the lesson. But through a mix-up, the school office never finds out.

Which means ... Class 507 is teacher-free!

The class figures if they don’t tell anyone, it’ll be one big holiday. Kyle and his friends can play games all day. Samantha decides she’ll read magazines and give everyone (much needed) fashion advice. Adam can doodle everywhere without getting in trouble. Eric will be able to write stories with no one bothering him. And Maggie ... well, as the smartest kid in the class she has an ambitious plan for this epic opportunity.

But can Class 507 keep the principal, the rest of the students, and their parents from finding out ... or will the greatest school year ever turn into the worst disaster in school history?

My Take on the Book
This was truly a fast read, and when I say fast read, I mean I could not put it down! You get transfixed by Otto, the main character. His humor and wit are contagious and you will find yourself wondering what will be coming next as you read page-after-page. My oldest really connected to Otto in a different way as he was always getting bugged by his little sister and she feels the same way. While my daughter and Otto are not alike in other ways, this connection made her emotionally connected to the character and by the end she was asking for more! Your kids too will find this connection, and they too will be asking for more, after the book comes to a close!

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