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Monday, September 7, 2015

Book Review - Big Nate: Welcome to My World

Big Nate: Welcome to My World

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About the Book
Join Big Nate and his classmates Gina, Artur, Francis, Jenny, and Teddy, as they navigate the halls of P.S. 38. One thing's for sure: Nate is definitely not the teacher's pet!

Aspiring cartoonist Nate Wright is eleven years old, four-and-a-half feet tall, and the all-time record holder for detentions in school history. He's a self-described genius and sixth-grade Renaissance Man who lives with his dad and older sister and enjoys pestering his family and teachers with his sarcasm.

Big Nate: Welcome to My World

My Take on the Book
This is another great addition to the Big Nate series of books. You get to see Big Nate at his best Middle School hyjinx that really makes him a character that kids love to read. When this came in my daughter grabbed it from my hands and devoured it. She read through it in a very short amount of time and then told me that it was "great" and that she loved how "real" the characters were in the book itself. She also told me how all of her friends were going to love this and that her school library would not be able to keep this on the shelves, which is a great indication of the success of the authors' connection with his readers. Kudos Mr. Pierce, you have hit another home run!

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