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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Book Review - Scholastic Almanac for Kids 2016

Scholastic Almanac for Kids 2016

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About the Book
Updated for 2016 with the newest, most exciting facts and stats.

Need help with studying? Love trivia? Just want to impress your friends or teachers? The Scholastic Almanac for Kids 2016 has information about practically everything! If you have questions, this book has answers. Packed with hundreds of facts, stats, and all of the info you need to keep boredom away and get your homework done. The 2016 edition features an eye-catching cover, completely updated facts and stats throughout, and new pop-culture sections.

My Take on the Book
Get ready for 2016 early with this fact-filled book that includes everything that will help you to be the trivia king or queen in your home, school or anywhere. This book is filled with so many facts, stats and more, you will be blown away by the breadth and depth of the book, as well as the full-color beautiful images placed throughout the book as well. My eldest daughter was particularly intrigued by the pop-culture section and came down after reading this spouting off tons of information about some of her favorite musicians, actors etc. This was a very complete almanac for young readers that I would highly recommend!

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