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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Book Review - Prince Fly Guy

Prince Fly Guy

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About the Book
Once upon a time, Buzz writes a fairy tale for a class assignment and Fly Guy becomes a handsome prince!

In the latest installment of Tedd Arnold's NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Fly Guy series, Buzz has a homework assignment to write a fairy tale and he asks Fly Guy to help. Fly Guy doesn't like to think of himself as some of Buzz's suggestions--an ugly troll, a smelly pig herder--so he becomes a handsome prince instead! Prince Fly Guy flies to a dark castle, fends off a giant, and rescues a beautiful princess.

Even reluctant readers will enjoy this fun, zany story about Fly Guy's adventure in a fairy tale!

My Take on the Book
These books are always so much fun and his installment of Fly Guy also does not disappoint. The book is funny, and has memorable scenes that you will not want to forget. The story itself was cute and unique and you will see this fun character in new ways that you did not expect that you would!

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