Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Doc McStuffins A Dragon's Best Friend

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Book Review - Doc McStuffins A Dragon's Best Friend

Doc McStuffins A Dragon's Best Friend
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About the Book
During a game of hide-and-seek, Stuffy finds an adorable rollie toy named Squibbles. Squibbles follows Stuffy everywhere-around the park, in the clinic, and, worst of all, in all of Stuffy's awesome hiding places! Everyone thinks Squibbles is adorable, but Stuffy thinks the little fuzzball is a huge pest! It's up to Doc and Stuffy to find Squibble's owner, but after spending time with the fun little toy, will Stuffy be able to give him up? Join Doc and her toys in their adventures in this special hardcover storybook with colorful illustrations.

My Take on the Book
Doc McStuffins is a popular Disney TV show. The little girl is a vet who takes care of stuffed animals. If your child is familiar with Doc McStuffins, I believe your child will enjoy this book. It is a sweet story about friendship and looking after one's pet or friend. It is also about learning to accept responsibility. At the beginning of the story Stuffy , the dragon, is puzzled, annoyed, and scared of a little stuffed animal who loves following him around. The little toy is named Squibbles. As the story about Stuffy and Squbbles continues , the reader sees how their friendship grows. The reader will see how Stuffy changes in the story too. The story is perfectly written for a young child. The illustrations are so colorful. Enjoy!
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