Dad of Divas' Reviews: The Guardian Tactical Flashlight - Power In Your Fingers #guardian1300

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Guardian Tactical Flashlight - Power In Your Fingers #guardian1300

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About the Flashlight
The Guardian 1300TL ™ is Supernova’s Professional Series Tactical LED Flashlight and combines the latest in LED lighting technology along with unsurpassed performance and capabilities.

Whatever your need, from professional to enthusiast, the Guardian will provide you with the confidence and power that you rely upon:

  • 1300 Lumens from the latest CREE XM-L T6 LED bulb and Ultra Clear Tempered Glass Lens blows away the competition and provides the brightest LED lighting in its class
  • 5 Operating Modes with BrightStart Memory ™ technology: Full – Medium – Low – Strobe – SOS.
  • Powered by high capacity rechargeable lithium battery for maximum power (2 included) or 3 AAA size alkaline batteries (also included) so that you are never left in the dark
  • Self Defense Features include the Strobe Mode for disorienting assailants and a Stainless Steel Ridged Strike Bezel for maximum striking power
  • Smooth, brushed aircraft grade aluminum alloy finish is scratch resistant, shock proof and remarkably beautiful High efficiency booster circuit for extended battery life & output
  • Textured, anti-slip handle ensures both comfort and stability

My Take on the Flashlight
When your power goes out, you need dependable light to illuminate your world. You don't want to have to figure out of you have batteries for the flashlight, instead you want something that is ready to go no matter what the situation. The Guardian Tactical Flashlight is definitely that kind of flashlight. This compact flashlight will fit in the palm of your hand, but will illuminate an entire room. This flashlight is brighter than any I have ever had in the past! Also, the flashlight comes is rechargeable and comes with two batteries that you can have charged and at the ready. Now, you can run this on regular batteries if you should choose, however, you would not have to, and I would say that for the most part, you really would not have to do this at all. The flashlight is small. This flashlight fits in the palm of an adult hand, so it also is easily concealable and can be carried on a person without worry of anything.In the end, this flashlight provides illumination for any situation

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