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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Book Review - Prince of a Frog

Prince of a Frog
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About the Book
The New York Times bestselling author/illustrator Jackie Urbanovic brings us a cute and clever twist on the classic fairy tale THE FROG PRINCE.

Hopper is a frog...a wild frog...a hopelessly hoppy, rambunctious frog that doesn't fit in at the pond. But he can't figure out why.

Until one day when a wise turtle suggests that maybe he's not really a frog at all. Maybe he's a prince.

So starts Hopper's adventure to find his princess and unlock his true royal self. Will our hero find a princess? And if he does, will his transformation be everything he had hoped for?

A hilarious story about finding your true friends and your true self, PRINCE OF A FROG is a triumphant and special read-aloud that brings a new meaning to the term: Happy (Hoppy) Endings!

My Take on the Book
This story is adorable and so much fun to read. Hopper is not your ordinary frog. The other pond animals think he is strange and don't want to have anything to do with him. So Hopper begins a quest to locate a princess to change him into a real prince. What Hopper realizes , with the help of a new friend, is that he is perfect just the way he is without changing a thing about himself. 

This is a story for a young child, but the message of being proud and happy as you are is universal. All children need to know they are just perfect being themselves. 

You will enjoy the clever word choices the author uses which brings humor to the story. Her illustrations show the expressions not only of Hopper but the other animals vividly.

I encourage you to add this story to your home library and read it often.

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