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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Book Review - Raising Children That Other People Like to Be Around

Raising Children That Other People Like to Be Around

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About the Book
In an age where children’s lives are filled with instant gratification and parents want to give their kids everything on a silver platter, is it any wonder that kids are growing up with a sense of entitlement?

By giving children the latest technology, newest cars, or designer clothes without actually teaching them to earn them, parents often raise children who have no ability to solve problems or deal with adversity. Richard Greenberg believes that learning to overcome obstacles is a skill that will serve children well as they head into adulthood. “As parents we want to give our kids the world, making their lives easier than what we might have experienced growing up, but it’s possible that we can actually hurt them by not exposing them to adversity and giving them the skills they need to become self-sustaining in the longer term.”

The parenting process is designed to succeed; yet millions of parents wonder if they’re doing things “right.” After raising four kids over thirty years, Richard Greenberg shows how tapping into the common sense you already have is the first key to parenting. Then it’s a matter of putting that knowledge to work- which is what you’ll learn in Raising Children That Other People Like To Be Around. His book gives parents an overview of the process while offering guidelines to reduce conflict between parents and their kids, improve communication within any family, and replace the stress of parenting with true common sense. “Teaching children respect means showing respect for ourselves. It’s not easy to live an ‘exemplary’ life, but trying really hard to do so is exactly what being a parent is. None of us are perfect, but every day we have opportunities to show our kids the high road not only in our expectations of them, but in our expectations of ourselves.”

About Richard Greenberg:
Richard Greenberg is native of Los Angeles. In 1976, he graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in English. Shortly thereafter, he married his childhood sweetheart JoAnn, and they continue to happily parent three sons and a daughter. For 30 years Richard worked in the entertainment industry as a post-production executive, editor and writer/producer. Richard shares his wisdom and strategy in the book, in his Huffington Post column and on his website

My Take on the Book
This book was very interesting to read. Yes, it is common sense but when you often look around in our world at how some children act with their parents , it makes you wonder where the common sense is. I like to think there are more children who are brought up with learning to respect themselves and others, that they learn there are boundaries to follow, and that they become loving, caring, and treat others with the Golden Rule.

So this book has five common sense goals: set an example, make the rules, apply the rules, respect ourselves,and teach in all things. Richard Greenberg wrote a book that is easy to read with multiple examples of each "common sense" applied within his family dynamics as he and his wife raised their children. His book will make the reader think about their own parenting . Maybe tweaking your parenting is not such a bad idea or maybe you will find that you apply most of his ideas.

Greenberg believes that the greatest gift parents can give their children is to be loving, caring and firm. You are your child's first teacher. Children live by example in many instances. Why not take a look at his ideas and ask yourself how you measure up?

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