Dad of Divas' Reviews: Music Lab We Rock by Jason Hanley

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Music Lab We Rock by Jason Hanley

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About the Book
Finally! A hip, fun and culturally relevant series of music appreciation books, perfect for modern music-loving families who want to take advantage of this era of exploding musical access! Get a personal guided tour through an amazing historical back-catalog of music that was previously unavailable. We Rock!: A Fun Family Guide for Exploring Rock Music History is a guided tour through thrilling corners of the musical universe that should not be missed! This book highlights great songs in rock history, shares insights and stories on the artists, details the social and historical influences at play, and offers fun activities for families to do together. Detailed listening guides help music fans understand song structure, lyrics, and instrumentation. Related listening lists introduce readers to other exciting artists in similar genres. Set into 52 "music labs," these stories can be explored at will by individuals and families or used as a curriculum for community groups and educators. There really are no other books out there like this - that are music appreciation books for a general audience that focus on popular music - so pick up yours today and you will have your whole family singing along with We Rock.

My Take on the Book
Growing up on music of the 60's - 80's and having parents that encouraged me to get to know the artists and more about why they recorded the type of music that they did, I truly appreciated this book as it allows for my generation and beyond to be able to share so many different artists and types of music with kids today. I loved the inclusion of the listening guide for the reader, as it truly helps you, as a listener, or as the teacher to know where to start when it comes to listening and learning. I also appreciated how in-depth the analysis went when it came to each of the artists and their works. This truly was a complete book that allowed you to explore such a wide array of artists from different genres.

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