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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Book Review - Crude Deception

About the Book

An oil supply controlled by corrupt hands, murderous assassins who will do anything to keep that power intact--and a group of friends with a wild plan to thwart them all.

As World War II recovery begins, word gets out that the heads of the biggest oil companies in the world are holding secret meetings. The Sentinels--the same counterespionage group that captured millions from Nazi-controlled corporations--learn of this ''Oil Club'' and its plan to perpetuate its control over 90 percent of the world's future oil production.

To prevent this dangerous concentration of power in the hands of seven incestuous companies, the Sentinels develop a plan to break the club's grip. It will require the cooperation of some of the world's most powerful private investors, government officials, and Middle Eastern leaders, plus the help of grassroots America. To implement their plan, the Sentinels must rally support over four continents while eluding the constant threat of ruthless assassins hired by the Oil Club.

As the Sentinels' struggle unfolds in the jungles of Indonesia, the corporate boardrooms of America, Europe, and Asia, and the desert of the Western frontier, you'll be taken along on a ride that includes romance, political intrigue, and plenty of bare-knuckled action.

In any work of historical fiction readers are bound to want to know what is truth and what is fiction. Below are some key facts relating to the plot and theme of Crude Deception

  • Fact: Seven major oil companies controlled 92% of world oil production in 1946.
  • Fact. Today, seven sovereign nations control 90% of new oil production.
  • Fact: American oil companies sold oil to Germany during WWII.
  • Fact: Middle Eastern oil rich countries created the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to manage the production and pricing of oil.

As a high-powered executive and a member of a different real-world “secret club,” Zuckerman uses his insider knowledge of the business world to illustrate the power wielded by large oil conglomerates and how they can effectively hijack an entire nation.

About the Author
Gordon Zuckerman, a graduate of Harvard Business School, has studied banking, international finance, and history extensively, focusing on how wealth and governmental machinations can advance private agendas that conflict with public interest. He lives with his wife in northern Nevada.

My Take on the Book
This was a great book. I enjoyed the flow and the setting of the book. The author does a great job at setting the scene and introduces the readers to some great characters that are both intriguing and complex. The plot also has many layers within it yet all of the layers flow well together and you get a book that is both easy to read and follow. There were some references to the earlier book in this series, so I might encourage you to read the book first, but it is not 100% necessary as this book can stand on its own. Overall, a great book that all will enjoy!

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