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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Review - Why Human Beings Do Not Need Blind Faith to Believe in Creationism

About the Book

Professor Solomon Huriash’s Why Human Beings Do Not Need Blind Faith to Believe in Creationism explores the accuracy of Genesis, which has presented modern humans with serious theological barriers.  Many find it difficult to accept the story of Genesis as scientific discovery has led to the rise of evolution.  While others see science and creationism as mutually exclusive concepts, Huriash proves that they are actually complementary theories.

The disparity that has arisen between the two belief systems is largely due to the timeframe in which the world was built; “Science tells us it took 4.5 billion or so years and Bible tells us, and very specifically, six by 24 hour days.”  It is implausible for anyone who has studied history or science to accept that the world was created in six days; however, humans no longer need blind faith to believe in creationism, nor do they need to accept this timeline.  When one accounts for the changes in gravity and velocity, the measurement of time is not the same in all places in the universe; “It is amazing to learn that six 24 hour days in solar time would be the equivalent of approximately 13.73 billion years as measured in Earth-time with the same clock as one minute of cosmic time is the equivalent of a million million minutes of the same clock on Earth.”

Although science may be the “old adversary of the Bible,” proof now exists that the world was created in the timeframe set forth by Genesis, as we have discovered that six days referred to cosmic time; “Today it is clear that God had presented the Bible creation story in cosmic time but after the creation story was over, the Bible speaks only in Earth-time.”  Throughout the book, Huriash provides us with the Earth-time conversion of the Biblical cosmic time, showing that the chronology of the Bible lines up with the chronology of science; for example, “Day Two” in Genesis is approximately 4 billion years ago and “Day Five” is approximately 400 million years ago.

In a world where a heated debate rages over science and creationism, Huriash proves that no debate is necessary, since both schools of thought are, in fact, correct.  Why Human Beings Do Not Need Blind Faith to Believe in Creationism is the ideal book for anyone who is faithful but has trouble accepting the story of creation or finds that Genesis presents a limited worldview, fulfilling the need for the reconciliation of faith and science.

My Take on the Book
This book is one that will open your mind and your beliefs to creationism and what it truly means. What I liked about this book is that though the author is a professor, he speaks to the reader as if they were sitting in the room (or maybe in one of his lectures) laying out facts and allowing the reader to decide for themselves on what they believe. I liked the way in which the author goes through the book of Genesis and allows the reader to gain a much more in-depth understanding on the chapter and the time-frame that this chapter encompasses. At the same time the book explains things very well. With definitions and literary translation and even some Hebrew lessons tacked on, this book is one that definitely one that provides the reader with a large amount to chew on from the beginning to the end. The ending though does leave things wide open for the future that may arise. 

Overall, this book was a strong one for both believers and non-believers alike!

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