Dad of Divas' Reviews: How-To include your Dog in Halloween this year

Friday, October 22, 2010

How-To include your Dog in Halloween this year

Tips on How To Include Your Dog this Halloween

Written by Stacy Braverman, Founder of

Have you bought enough doggie biscuits to give out to trick or treaters this Halloween? That’s right, doggie biscuits. But whatever you do, don't give them to the kids – it may anger some parents in the neighborhood! You should be prepared, however, to have some biscuits for those four-footed ghost and goblins that may bark at your door this Halloween.

We mustn't leave out our pets when celebrating special occasions – and Halloween is no exception. Ever noticed the glare and stare from Fido when everyone is getting dressed up for Halloween, laughing, having a wonderful time – and he's left out just because he's a dog?

Bitch New York ( has one thing on their minds -- our doggie loved ones – and they have created fun ways to involve your pet in every special occasion.

Here are just a few suggestions from Bitch New York to make this Halloween season the best ever:

Watch Fido's eyes light up when you put on the this latest tiger costume. WARNING: don't be surprised if you notice some new found courage or larger than life roar while in costume.

Can you say food? One of the most popular shows on cable TV these days is The Food Network. I love the competitive nature of the male chefs; the warm personality of the female chefs. This year you can dress up your doggie after your favorite Food Network personality! Don't tell Paula Dean, but doesn't this beautiful doggie chef resemble her a bit?

Sports are a favorite past time for people and doggies too! Halloween wouldn't be the same without a football costume... Check out this cool costume for Fido. If you have teenage boys, they might throw the dog though, so this football costume would probably be a safer choice while still keeping with the football spirit.

We are a country of proud Americans and that is demonstrated by millions across this great country every day. Well, this may be news to you, but our doggies are proud Americans too and they want to support this great nation this Halloween by dressing up in her colors. Check out this Uncle Sam Costume for Fido and Lady too... They will look great this Halloween and will walk tall and proud in their patriotic costumes.

Don't forget to stock up on special doggie treats this Halloween Season... Don't worry, if you have left-overs, all doggie treats will be gone in no time and Fido will love you for it!

If sweets are not an option for your pet, be sure to spoil him with an unforgettable Halloween dinner.  Check out these scrumptious meals they will remember until next Halloween: Chicken and Fried Rice, Organic Bison  or a Veg to Bowl for our vegetarian friends - we aim to please all of our doggy appetites.

By the way, if you haven't started brushing your doggie’s teeth, this Halloween would be a great time start. Clean teeth and fresh breath are essential for your doggie’s love life and a welcome response from you with all those wet kisses he loves to give you! Regular oral hygiene will ensure your doggie’s teeth are healthy, fresh and white.

What a great Halloween it's going to be for you and your pet this year! Make sure to take lots of pictures of your doggie in costume - there will be many Halloween memories to share together for many years to come and Bitch New York wants to put a few of our best doggies in costume in the spot light! All you need to do is send in your pics and we're going to pick the top three doggies to profile in a story and give him or her their 30 seconds of fame. The top three winners will also be able to pick a gift of their choice from our doggie accessory store. Good luck to all and we hope this year will be the best Halloween ever for you and your beloved companion.

Bitch New York is proud to make contributions to benefit the welfare of animals. We regularly donate merchandise and proceeds to charitable events that surround the animal community. Click Here if would like to read more about our charity work or if you would like to donate something to the cause.

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