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Thursday, September 23, 2010

National Geographic Kids: Mummies

About the Book
Investigate mysteries from the grave in this vividly illustrated book, a creepy-fun compendium of the world's most fascinating mummies. National Geographic's unparalleled photographs bring kids up close and personal with ancient remains, while Chris Sloan's mesmerizing text reveals what the experts have discovered about each mummy's life and death. Kids will clamor to read this book in the classroom or at home—and they'll absorb science, ancient cultures, geography, and more, as freaky photos and intriguing stories keep them glued to every page.

My Take on the Book
Award winning author Christopher Sloan describes 11 ways to preserve the dead in some surprising details. Some of the bodies were smoked, bundled,
wrapped or freeze dried. Mummies have been found with skin , bone, hair , clothing, and even tattoos.

The mummy itself gives us information from the artifacts found with the body or what is inside the mummy. They have been able to identify what this person last ate and what kind of injuries they suffered. Often the cause of death is noted from wounds or implements found with the body. Our 21st century technology helps us solve many of the ancient riddles. They give us a look into the past.

Let me give you a few excerpts from the book.
  • The world's first mummies were children who lived along the northern coast of Chili. They died of arsenic poisoning which they identified in the hair of the children.
  • The oldest frozen human mummy was found in 1991. This man lived over 5300 years ago.
  • Wrapped mummies such as King Tut, had their internal organs removed and replaced them with linen or other stuffing to keep the shape of the body.
  • They liquified the brain and used a salt solution wash until everything had dried out.
  • Danish farmers found a body with a rope around its neck. The body was over 2400 years old. It has been tossed into a bog and the bog preserved the body.
  • More than 2200 bundled mummies were found in Lima, Peru. .The site dates back to the 1400's.

In the back of the book there is a map of the world showing where all the mummies were found.

It was interesting to learn how the people of the past tired to preserve their dead for the afterlife they thought they would encounter.

The book has amazing photos and detailed information on each page. I know you will be captivated as I was.

If you are interested in having this book be a part of your own library you can find it on Amazon!

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