Dad of Divas' Reviews: 5 TIPS FOR A PERKY PUP

Friday, September 3, 2010


From Susan Weiss, Founder of Ark Naturals & Natural Pet Health Care Expert

1.) Remember to create “Us” time for you and your pet!

We’re all so busy – and as much as we love our pets – feeding them and keeping them safe is the norm but not really enough. Very often they are ignored.  Remember dogs are pack animals and they need a little “us time.”

2.) Remember to cut their nails, clean their ears and check their oral health regularly.

Long nails on a dog are incredibly uncomfortable for the dog.  Dogs that go to groomers are normally okay in this department – but so many dogs are not the monthly grooming type. If you can’t cut them yourself take them to your vet or a groomer.  Also, be sure to use an all-natural ear and dental remedy on a regular basis, such as Ark’s Ears All Right and Brushless Toothpaste.

3.) Leave the TV or Radio on when you leave the house.

Yes, my dog actually watches TV. He hates being alone and the TV calms him. Give your dog a special treat when you leave home by turning on some form of background noise. They won’t feel as lonely and will associate your leaving with a good thing.

4.) Take your dog for a longer walk than usual (but be conscious of potential joint pain!).

It’s good exercise for your dog and great exercise for you. Once a week or on the weekend, don’t rush your walk and go that extra distance. Be conscious of joint paint and stiffness, however, and make them more comfortable with joint care remedies such as Ark’s Joint Rescue.

5.) Don’t give up teaching your dog ‘company manners.’  

Dogs like to be around people!  If they could talk, they would tell you that it’s not fun being alienated in another room or put outside when guests come to the house. But jumping, barking, and aggressive behavior to guests in your house is not okay. Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks! Your friends will love you for it – and your dog will be happier – because he will be in the crowd instead of being chased away.

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