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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

National Geographic Kids Books Allow Children to Explore

I will tell you about three of the many National Geographic Kids books I recently read. These books are for all ages and all reading levels. They are great books for curious kids and parents. They are informational books that develop the critical reading skills which assist your child in progressing positively through school.


Nic is a pilot who navigates the reader through various kinds of aircraft. Using ,we see the normal passenger plane. She takes us into a world of air travel such as sky trucks that actually have a mobile home bolted to the floor for special VIP meetings. We learn about cargo planes that could carry 80 cars. The opposite in size are the Fling Bees and remote control drones.
Nic introduces us to aircraft that are spy planes or that work undercover. The SR-71 Blackbird and the B-2 Stealth Bomber are two of these.

Wilber and Orville Wright are recognized for their achievements in flight. Where would flight be without their perseverance and courage to the idea of man in flight?

Then Nic takes the reader through a movement activity at the end of the book. Enjoy!


As I read this book, I know it was written for children but I learned so much as an adult.
This amazing little book is packed with detailed photographs of all kinds of bats. You will help your child learn the names of bats, their habitats, their sizes, the food they eat, and more.
Learning about the bat baby rescuers in Australia who care for the babies separated from their mothers was new to me.

Did you know there are white bats?

Did you know brown bats can eat 1200 mosquitoes in one night?

Isn't it amazing that bats not only have excellent eyesight but use echolocation for locating objects in the dark which means their hearing is far superior than human hearing.

This book busts all the bat myths about vampire bats sucking human blood, that bats are blind, bats are dirty, and even the myth that bats could become stuck in your hair.

Share this informational book with your child. I believe your child will remember many of the facts and want to share them with others. Enjoy!


This book I feel is written for a young child. The photographs of children and adults enjoying outdoor activities in the snow will remind you of your winters if you live in the snow areas or give you glimpses of outdoor winter fun if you live in the tropics.

The author, Jill Esbaum, tells the story in rich descriptive words that coincide with the detailed photographs.

When your share this book with your child, try discussing what is happening in the photos and the feelings shown by the participants.

Embrace winter and the wonderful activities it can bring to your life. Have some winter fun with your young winter! Enjoy!

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