Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Silent Stars Go By

Monday, October 17, 2022

Book Review - The Silent Stars Go By

The Silent Stars Go By

About the Book
In The Silent Stars Go By you get a beautiful, bittersweet WWI romance lights up an English village at Christmas with harrowing secrets, love lost and found, and the breathtaking power of forgiveness.

Vivid and achingly real, Sally Nicholls’s latest historical romance explores the fallout from an unexpected pregnancy during the First World War. It’s Christmastime, 1919. Three years before, seventeen-year-old Margot Allan, a respectable vicar’s daughter, fell passionately in love. But she lost her fiancĂ©, Harry, to the Great War. In turn, she gained a desperate secret, one with the power to ruin her life and her family’s reputation, a secret she guards at all costs. Now Margot’s family is gathering at the vicarage for the first time since the War ended. And Harry, it turns out, isn’t dead. He’s alive and well, and looking for answers. Can their love survive the truth? Based on the author’s family history, this evocative and stirring exploration of the human and emotional side of war is young-adult historical fiction at its finest, written with the immediacy and understanding of the complexities of the human heart that are the hallmark of the author’s work.

My Take on the Book
If you have a child that loves historical fiction, this book will be one you will want to read! The book is a great book that allows you to see and experience WWII in a whole new way. As you read, you will be drawn into the romance of the book and the story. 

What was interesting about the book was that the story is drawn out from the history of the author. The story is a powerful one and one that will resonate. While the story is heartbreaking, you see the struggles of the characters and the author is able to bring up some powerful themes that are not always discussed but definitely should.

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