Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Bad Guys in the Others?!

Monday, October 17, 2022

Book Review - The Bad Guys in the Others?!

The Bad Guys in the Others?!

About the Book

"I wish I'd had these books as a kid. Hilarious!" -- Dav Pilkey, creator of Captain Underpants and Dog Man

In The Bad Guys in the Others, they may look like Bad Guys, but these wannabe heroes are doing good deeds... whether you like it or not in this New York Times bestselling illustrated series.

OK. A lot of the stuff we said on the back of the last book was NOT TRUE. We now admit that The Bad Guys is WEIRD. We also admit that it features ALL the weird stuff we said it didn’t. PLUS there’s now a whole bunch of even weirder stuff involving an over-sharing bat, a really scary new character who lives in the woods, and a strangely confident little guy with a mullet. So, uh, don’t relax, maybe FREAK OUT a little and have your MIND BLOWN by the BAD GUYS!

My Take on the Book
This is a great addition to the Bag Guys series of books! Throughout the entire book, you will be laughing like crazy. These "bad guys" get into a ton of situations, and you will find that there is both action and humor throughout that will keep all ages entertained! 

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