Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Do the Work!: An Antiracist Activity Book

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Book Review - Do the Work!: An Antiracist Activity Book

Do the Work!: An Antiracist Activity Book

About the Book
In Do the Work An Antiracist Activity Book are you overwhelmed by racial injustice? Outraged by the news? Find yourself asking, “What can I doooooo?” DO THE WORK!

Revelatory and thought-provoking, this highly illustrated, highly informative interactive workbook gives readers a unique, hands-on understanding of systemic racism—and how we can dismantle it.

Packed with activities, games, illustrations, comics, and eye-opening conversation, Do the Work! Challenges readers to think critically and act effectively. Try the “Separate but Not Equal” crossword puzzle. Play “Bootstrapping, the Game” to understand the myth of meritocracy. Test your knowledge of racist laws by playing “Jim Crow or Jim Faux?”

Have hard conversations with your people (scripts and talking points included). Be open to new ideas and diversify your “feed” with a scavenger hunt. Team up with an accountability partner and find hundreds of ideas, resources, and opportunities to DO THE WORK!

Ready to get started?

My Take on the Book
This is a great book that really makes you think deeper about what you can personally do to learn and grow as an individual and also work to change the world around you. The book has a little bit of everything and makes you think deeply about a number of topics. What I love is that this educates and entertains and in the end you leave the book feeling like you really are taking a lot from the work that you did!

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