Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Bears and Boos

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Book Review - Bears and Boos

Bears and Boos

About the Book
The adorable bears are excited to dress up for Halloween — but are there enough costumes for everyone?

Big Brown Bear and the four little bears can’t wait to dress up for Halloween. Everyone grabs their costumes from the costume box, but — oops! — in the rush, Floppy is knocked on her furry behind, and now there are no costumes left for her! Fuzzy says she’s sorry and offers Floppy a golden gown. Then each of the other bears shares an item with Floppy, and soon she’s dressed like a queen — just in time for the parade! Shirley Parenteau and David Walker combine cheerful read-aloud rhyme and irresistibly charming art in another story for the youngest cubs and their big bears.


My Take on the Book
This is a ton of fun and just in time for Halloween. Some great friends are heading to a parade. You get to see the bears having to work around to find the things that they need for their costumes. Will the bears find everything that they need in time? The book has many themes about teamwork and it is a great book that is short, but says a lot too about friendship and more.

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