Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The World's Best Jokes for Kids Volume 2: Every Single One

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Book Review - The World's Best Jokes for Kids Volume 2: Every Single One

About the Book

"What did the table say to the chair? Dinner's on me." Kids love jokes, and they also love silly drawings. This book is unique in that every joke is illustrated by New York Times bestselling duo Swerling & Lazar. Each drawing is a sweet comic gem in itself and will help get the kids reading ... and the whole family laughing.

This illustrated book by the New York Times bestselling creators of the Happiness Is . . . project will leave your family in stitches. The World’s Best Jokes for Kids Volume 2 is filled with hundreds of corny, brilliant, and silly jokes—each paired with a small drawing that’s a sweet comic gem in itself. It’s the perfect book for road trips, rainy days, or those special moments when kids and parents can laugh together.

My Take on the Book

This is another great joke book. We loved the first volume of this and this new volume was just as fun! We tend to try and send jokes in the kids lunches so we are always looking for new "fun" jokes that they will love. With the book we were able to find new jokes we had never seen before. The kids loved the jokes and we all loved the illustrations that we found throughout the book!  
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