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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Book Review - Outwalkers


About the Book
In a frighteningly real near future England, Jacob escapes from the Academy orphanage to reenter a world that is grimly recognizable. The Coalition can track anyone, anywhere, from a chip implanted at birth. Now Jacob must fulfill his promise to his parents, find his dog, Jet, and navigate his way out of England. Their only hope is a band of children who have found a way to survive off the grid: The Outwalkers. Their rules are strict, but necessary if they're going to get out alive...

My Take on the Book
My youngest daughter loved reading this book. This book has both political and historical components which drew her in but also great characterization of the differing personalities throughout the book. You get pulled into the world of the orphans and the author really paints a picture that makes the world vivid and one that you can relate to from beginning to end. I read this book along with my daughter and while I think some of the historical and political references went over my 10 year old's head, but many others she did seem to connect with. We were able to have conversations about the other historical references that she missed. This is a book that really keeps you reading from beginning to end. It disrupts your sense of reality and really allows you to see the world in a new way. 

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