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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Book Review - 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success

9 Dimensions of Conscious Success

About the Book
Personal and professional success in today's crowded, competitive economy is dependent on your discovery of the answer to the following questions:

What is my best purpose to achieve conscious success?
How can I demonstrate high awareness for conscious success?
How can I positively differentiate myself from others?

In his book, The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success, David Nielson addresses the dilemma of how to define your purpose in life to achieve conscious success.  Drawing upon his unique life experiences as a management consultant, executive coach and as an organizational developer at Coors Brewing Company, Nielson outlines a practical process model for you to achieve individual success. He uses real-life stories, humor, and a humble approach that has connected with audiences of all ages worldwide in his consulting practice and in the pages of this breakthrough book.

Nielson builds the foundation of his Conscious Success Model on three pillars: Purpose, Self-awareness, and Social Awareness. When combined and mastered, these essential starting blocks will bring you fulfillment on their own, but they can also be used to create your unique brand, style, and strong reputation.  They also support the structure of six key Differentiators identified to create Nielson's nine-dimensional model for achieving success. The six key differentiators include:
  • Authenticity 
  •  Work Ethic and Personal Responsibility
  •  Listening for Results and Connections
  •  Articulation for Impact
  •  Humor
  •  Gratitude
Each differentiator is a powerful tool (when mastered) to strengthen your brand, your reputation, and to open doors to opportunities that allow you to fulfill your consciously planned!

The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success is a must read for young executives, career professionals, entrepreneurs, or anyone committed to a personal and professional development journey.  A critical starting point on that journey is utilizing the interactive Conscious Success Assessment® - an added bonus for readers. This assessment allows you to increase your self-awareness before creating your own Conscious Success Action Plan. 

If you are tired of the trial and error approach to your life, read this book and find yourself on the path to conscious success today!

For additional information on the Conscious Success model, additional assessments, speaking engagements, or Conscious Success group training programs, visit

My Take on the Book
This is a book that really allows people to gain a better sense for purpose, self-awareness, social awareness and more. While this may seem to focus on college age readers, I think readers of all ages will find great ideas throughout this book that will help them better guide their future.

The book is truly practical and talks directly tot he reader without lowering the bar of the knowledge that is being shared without talking down to anyone.

I found so many practical ideas throughout the book and I found that the book really is one that you will either want to have a highlighter in hand or to have a pad a paper to take notes as well.

The author has created a book that will truly give you a handbook to expand your own personal awareness and help you build stronger relationships. Best of all this book gives you what you need whether you are getting ready for your first job or later in your career.

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