Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - How to Draw a Unicorn and other Cute Animals

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Book Review - How to Draw a Unicorn and other Cute Animals

How to Draw a Unicorn and other Cute Animals

About the Book

Anyone can learn to draw adorable unicorns and other cute creatures using simple shapes in 5 easy steps.

This book will show readers how to draw quirky, kawaii (super cute) animals in a wonderfully easy and inspiring way. Step by step, illustrator Lulu Mayo will explain how to draw various creatures by using simple shapes, such as circles, ovals, rectangles, and triangles, and how to personalize them by adding your own, adorable details.

The book contains 30 of these doodling exercises, featuring critters such as rabbits, owls, foxes, sloths, llamas—and especially unicorns! Its easiness, simplicity, and quirkiness will resonate with animal lovers, artists, and doodle enthusiasts of all skill levels and ages. Absorbing and fun, it will ignite a doodler’s curiosity and inspire them to experiment creatively.

How to Draw a Unicorn and Other Cute Animals will be the first in Lulu Mayo’s Drawing with Simple Shapes series, to be followed by Drawing Marine Life with Simple Shapes in 5 Steps and Drawing Nature with Simple Shapes in 5 Steps.

My Take on the Book
This was an amazing book that will help all budding artists to create some very cool characters. The book is set up to be a practical book that will aid the reader in drawing characters more efficiently. The book will walk you step-by-step into creating some very fun characters, and I know that both my daughter and I enjoyed the experience of working on some of the characters together and apart. In the end we created some cool illustrations, and every time we use the techniques shared we seem to get a bit better each time we try.

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