Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Time Jumpers: Escape from Egypt

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Book Review - Time Jumpers: Escape from Egypt

Time Jumpers:  Escape from Egypt

About the Book
Chase and Ava are ready for their next adventures as Time Jumpers! When Chase touches the dead, green-backed beetle in the suitcase, he and Ava spin through time -- to King Tut's tomb! Now they have to put the beetle back where it belongs. But the man with different color eyes is still chasing them... Why does he want these objects? Chase and Ava need to stay one step ahead of this bad guy. And they need to find some answers! Oriol Vidal's engaging illustrations appear on every page. Newly independent readers will eat up this time-travel series from New York Times bestselling author Wendy Mass.

My Take on the Book
This is another great addition to this fun series. My daughter has enjoyed reading these books in the past and they are written in a way that is easy for young independent readers to find success. The book has a ton of adventure and action and incorporates places that many kids have never experienced before. You will find that the characters are a ton of fun and that kids will be drawn to them (or at least I see that in my own daughter). I love to see how quickly my daughter reads through this book as I know that this shows how much she enjoys the book itself.

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