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Sunday, August 12, 2018

DVD Review - National Parks Adventure

National Parks Adventure

About the DVD

The power of America's national parks is undeniable. Millions have packed up the family to hike through impossibly lush forests, to gaze upon towering cliffs and deep-plunging canyons, to witness the breathtaking arcs of natural history, and, most of all, to share moments of wonder amid the protected treasures of this land.

A MacGillivray Freeman film produced in association with Brand USA and narrated by Academy Award® winner* Robert Redford, National Parks Adventure is acclaimed filmmaker Greg MacGillivray's most visually ambitious giant-screen film to date — a film that offers not only a sweeping overview of the national parks' history, but is equal parts adrenaline-pumping odyssey and soulful reflection on what the wilderness means to us all.

*2002: Honorary Award; 1980: Best Director, Ordinary People

Includes 4K SDR And 4K HDR For The Full UHD Experience. Ultra HD TV With HDR Needed To Access 4K HDR.

My Take on the DVD
I had seen this in the theater and loved seeing it in IMAX. This DVD version loses some of the IMAX feel but you still get to experience the National Parks in a whole new way. The imagery within the parks were remarkable. I have visited some of these parks in the past but there were others that have been on my list. If you have or have not visited our National Parks in the past this movie will open a window into these wonderful locations!

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